Great visual design is the concrete representation of communication goals. Because it is concerned with the look and the style in which information is presented,  it must be the result of a thoughtful, well-considered process, not a decorative afterthought.


Great design is innovative

Technological development is always offering new opportunities for innovative design. But innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology, and can never be an end in itself.


Great design must enhance communication

A design has to satisfy certain criteria, not only functional but psychological and aesthetic. Great design emphasizes the usefulness of a message while disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it.


Great design is easy on the eye

The aesthetic quality of product or communication design is integral to its usefulness because design has an effect on people and their well-being. Only well-executed designs can be beautiful. Simplicity and balance are the keys.


Great design makes a communication understandable

It clarifies the communication’s structure. Better still, it can make use of the reader’s intuition. At best, it is self-explanatory.


Great design is unobtrusive

Design includes various elements within which a message is embedded. Elements are neither decorative nor works of art but their design must leave room for the reader’s self-expression and seamlessly connect the elements.


Great design is timeless

Great design avoids being fashionable and so never appears antiquated. Unlike fashionable design, it endures – even in today’s disposable society.


Great design is thorough -down to the last detail

Nothing must be left to chance. Care and accuracy in the design process shows respect towards the reader or consumer.