Adapting to the challenges and the opportunities of the emerging social customer requires a deep knowledge of the digital space. We bring a real understanding and technical wizardry to the online digital marketing and interactive advertising space. After all, the consumer’s first interaction with the brand is often in the digital space. Businesses want to spread their message, their talking points, their sales pitches. But the really good ones, they share a story.



More use of pull interactions  

When trying to engage consumers with your brand, it is becoming increasingly important that we master ‘pull interactions’ such as social media and online communities rather than traditional ‘push’ campaigns.



Leverage virtual communities 

Building a Wikipedia page is not a strategy. We use and constantly research the technologies that we recommend. For example, we use Facebook, Flickr, wikis, blogs, etc. in our personal social media mix.



Leverage Web 2.0 and social media capabilities

For us it is critical to have a social media strategy for our clients, not just a random collection of social media tactics. A powerful strategy can deliver viral results.



Leveraging the power of the story

We know that stories draw people in and allow them to feel something. That feeling creates a connection. And when we connect, we tend to share that story. Do the math: 10 to the power of 5 is 1,000,000.