Identity Development

Every brand is a story that must be told. Branding design is more than just a logo. Our branding and logo approach creates distinct and effective brand identities and covers everything from naming your business to choosing your corporate colour palette.


Your brand identity includes a wide range of elements that need to be considered from the outset. These might include:


Your logo

includes testing how it will be applied to different surfaces and materials.


Your visual identity

includes the colours, typefaces and even the paper your brand will use in its communications.


Your tone of voice

from warm and chatty to authoritative and official, your tone of voice is a key part of your brand’s personality.


Your name

this is key to how you will be perceived. We provide options and check whether names are available for use, including website domain names.


Your strap line

the use of a slogan or strap line says ‘if you get nothing else, get this’, and provides the sub text on the cover of your brand story.