Adding more fizz to the Tops at Spar Bierfest. The promise and packaging of Fest Klaus fun.


Now in its fourth year, South Arica’s massively successful annual Bierfest came to us to re-position and advance their impact by helping them get their Schmidt together across the full spectrum of branding and communications.  Advancing the Brauhaus experience included a new promise, web site, outdoor media, posters, banners, radio, social media, in-store engagements, loyalty program and washroom advertising, featuring voice messaging delivered to smart phones from QR code scans. Blending tradition with humour, we created a campaign that will make everybody want to come in their lederhosen. To Bierfest, 2015.


Visit their web site to see some of our kraftwerk

1: Bierfest logo design
2: Bierfest website design
3: Bierfest poster campaign
3: Bierfest billboard campaign


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