Rocket School @ AFDA

Fuelling Futures

Plot your course to the stars. Like the Bachelor of Arts degree at AFDA, the course modules for RocketSchool’s BCom degree are a unique and progressive approach to deal with the vast expanse of knowledge and theories that are accessible today. More importantly, it is an approach to learning that is designed to stimulate innovative, conceptual and perceptual thinking; in doing so, allowing students to model and align existing knowledge to their integrated production outcomes. Shared production projects and team-based outcomes and evaluation act as the ’glue’ between various degrees and disciplines. Students from various disciplines integrate and share creativity and innovation in a networked, concrete, outcomes-based manner. Students get specialist guidance, input and advice along with unreal demands on their time, energy and talents. With Rocket School’s ground control, they get to fly high. Or live to fly another day.


1-4 : Poster design
5-6: Street poster design


Advertising, Identity, Photography