Haras de Saint Pair

Established in 1883, Saint Pair is among a handful of France’s oldest thoroughbred farms (more about history). To this day, Saint Pair holds the record as the birthplace of five ‘Arc’ victories, with Comrade (1920), Ksar (1921 and 1922) Kantar (1928) and Samos (1935) – it is my biggest dream to make it six and counting.
When I took over Saint Pair with the ambition to be among the most successful thoroughbred nurseries in Europe, I tried to stack the odds on my side.
I systematically bought excellent mares with international pedigrees, assembled a competent team of great professionals and consultants, improved the size and infrastructure of Saint Pair, retained some of the finest trainers, and began to micromanage the whole works. Today ours is a private stud spread over 130 ha (321 acres) with never more than 60 horses.
– Andreas Putsch –
Photography by Zuzanna Lupa
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