Breathing new life into a boutique OB/GYN practice


Drs. Lindi Murray and Ilana Johnson first approached us with their dream of establishing a boutique obstetrics and gynaecological practice in Cape Town. Their aim was to create a women-safe space with a warm and luxurious feel. As mothers themselves, both Lindi and Ilana share and acknowledge and respect the individuality of every patient they see, which was important to echo throughout the look and feel of their brand. An opportunity presented itself when we identified the common sounding ‘L’ in each of their names. By coupling the ‘li’ from Lindi and the ‘la’ from Ilana, ‘lila’ was born.

Lila offers the modern woman the perfect balance between comfort and care. Lila offers safe, contemporary, evidence-based medical care in a non-judgemental and non-clinical environment.

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