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While HIV and TB continue to have a negative impact on health and wellness in the Western Cape, many communication strategies have aimed to address the structural, medical and human rights dimensions of these epidemics.


IAMPROTEST is a campaign designed to give people living in Khayelitsha, Nyanga, Gugulethu and Lavender Hill a real reason to engage, sign up, and get active in the face of existing social barriers such as fear, shame, stigma and denial. People are reminded daily of this in their struggles to access essential goods and services and therefore united in their sense of powerlessness.¬†Through a community lead and inspired intervention, IAMPROTEST aims to combat stereotypes, encouraging people to ‘sign up’, ‘rise up’ and ‘speak up’ about HIV/AIDS and TB in South Africa.


Nothing less than a social revolution will cut it. To start one, we need a relevant, contemporary and compelling rallying cry and for this reason, the concept of ‘Protesting’ is familiar, valued, and laced with HOPE. It happens in social media and on the streets. It gets people together, galvanises action and promotes a deep sense of community. Togetherness speaks truth to power and in unity lies strength.


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